Fresh and pickled organic vegetables: from the soil to your table

Salads, tomatoes, peppers and many other vegetables that we grow, following our organic philosophy

Cultivated with passion

A 3000 square meter piece of land, uncultivated for years, has now come back to life with a lot of love and a lot of sweat. We have selected a series of native varieties, grown according to the principles of organic farming, respecting the environment and using ancient as well as modern cultivation techniques. All of that with the utmost respect for what nature offers us.

ejamu orto cirtriolo
ejamu orto pianta patate

Organic farm

We don’t use any additives and chemicals. The result are limited, but truly organic products with authentic aromas, flavours and colours. A part of what grows in the garden is eaten fresh and the other part goes to our laboratory, where we transform it into pickles. We work them in a way that respects and enhances their quality and unlocks the flavours characteristic for each vegetable.

Discover our

Maximum respect for nature, the earth and its cycles. This is the philosophy with which we give life to all our products.

Visit our vineyards

Two large vineyards that are a symbol of our estate. The first, Sangiovese, is traditional and rooted in this territory. The second, rare and precious Manzoni blend, on the other hand, represents energy, enthusiasm and passion of Meca and Rocco.

ejamu vigne


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