Two wines – one white and one red – and one olive oil. All three are organic. The Parresìa has great acidity and remarkable freshness. Zimbatò, is a simple and very enjoyable red. Finally, Loro, our cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, encloses flavour and aroma of Tuscan olives.


Our white wine comes from organically grown Manzoni grapes – one of a very few vines of this species grown in the upper Valdarno. We collect and select our fruits by hand and produce everything exclusively on the farm.




An intense and lasting red, born from our Sangiovese vines. Harvested and selected by hand and put through wine making process with care, in order to preserve its authentic, round and very pleasant taste. 


A blend of Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo that reflects the most authentic flavour of the Tuscan hills. It is green with golden reflections, medium fruity with a herbaceous aftertaste. Balanced in its characteristics. Ideal for seasoning of all kinds of dishes – from fish to meat and vegetables.

Parresia - White IGT Tuscan

Zimbatò - Chianti DOCG

Loro - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Società Agricola Ejamu Di Luppino E C. S.s.

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