& Rocco

We are Meca and Rocco, young brother and sister. Together we are just over 40 years old. The company that we have decided to grow, on the other hand, has a very long history. It’s rooted on Setteponti Road, in the territory of Upper Valdarno in Tuscany. Our encounter with this area left us charmed right from the beginning. This choice was also supported by our family, who has always dedicated itself to the land. The same family that passed the company on to us, remains close and always ready to help.

A new chapter.
An encounter of many fascinating stories

We are writing a new chapter of a story that begun a long time ago. It is a story made of travels, traditions, courage, sweat, desire to redeem ourselves, dreams and inseparable bonds.

That's all?

No, not at all. First of all, Tuscany is a land that adopted us. We come from Calabria, where our parents and grandparents taught us love and dedication to the land. Calabria, however, has also showed us how difficult it can be to work in agriculture business in certain areas of the region. That is why our family decided to leave, to walk, to test ourselves. “È jamu” in the Calabrian dialect means “Let's go, come on!” and with this spirit we always begin anew, every time starting from the land. That of Tuscany is the last one that welcomed us, rich in its own history and full of large vineyards to be taken care of.

è jamu today

Today we produce organic extra vergine olive oil, wine and vegetables (but we have many more projects underway). We spend a lot of our time working in the fields, at the same time trying to change as little as possible of what nature created. We want our products to be genuine and tasty. We do all this not knowing where we will arrive, but convinced that we want to move forward, to continue writing the chapter of the story that our family opened and which we would like to make unique. So è jamu, let’s discover our world!

Get to know our wines.

A red made with pure Sangiovese and a white produced from a rare and precious grape – Manzoni blend. Organic cultivation is what we strongly believe in and this land makes it possible.

Visit our vegetable garden

It is a piece of land brought back to its natural duty – the production of vegetables. Every day we pour a lot of passion into our 3000 square meters of vegetable garden and our goal is to produce high quality vegetables, which we sell fresh or carefully transformed into organic pickles.


Società Agricola Ejamu Di Luppino E C. S.s.

Via Setteponti Levante, 13
52024 – Loro Ciuffenna – Arezzo

+39 392 6021909